EASERA - Software Versions and Modules

AFMG offers two different versions of EASERA and different modules for users to choose. Please have a look at the comparison below to determine which version and possibly which module is the right choice for your needs.

Feature / Version EASERA EASERA PRO MLS Module* POLARS Module** TEF/TDS Module
Number of channels
2 32

Sample rate
8 kHz - 48 kHz 8 kHz - 192 kHz

Early Decay Time (EDT)

Reverberation Time (T10, T20, T30)
Custom decay times can also be set.

Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)

Center Time (ts)

Clarities (C30, C50, C80)
Custom integration times can also be set.

Definition (D)

User defined energy ratios

Energy sum
forward integration

Support (ST1 and ST2)

Modulation Transfer Index (MTI) and Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

Speech Transmission Index (STI)
male, female


Percentual Consonant Articulation Loss (% AlCons)

Strength (G), Relative Strength (Grel)

Live sound pressure level (SPL) and voltage measurements
Including: A-, B-, C- and Z-weightings for SPL; and visualization of peak and RMS values for both

Feature / Version EASERA EASERA PRO MLS Module* POLARS Module** TEF/TDS Module
Statistical evaluation of data
Signal mean (DC), noise mean (DC), signal effective value (RMS), crest factor, absolute maximum amplitude...

Integrated generator with typical stimuli
Sweep, Log-Sweep, Weighted Sweep, Pink Noise, White Noise, Sine, Weighted Noise

Application of filters
Low pass, high pass, band pass filters with Butterworth, Chebychev I and Chebychev II characteristics

Application of windowing
Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangle, Triangle, Kaiser window types

Waterfall diagram

Basic editing functions
Averaging Measurement Files, Adding Measurement Files, Cyclic Move, Undo/Redo, Copy/Paste

Comprehensive calibration functions
For audio interface inputs and outputs

Calibration features for eletronic measurements

Phase spectrum
Includes group delay, real and imaginary parts

Live measurements
Spectrum, spectrogram, dual- and multi-channel FFT

Noise Criteria curves (NC, PNC, NR)

Visualization in multiple (electric) units
V, dBV, dBu, dBm, dBW, dBSPL, etc.

Feature / Version EASERA EASERA PRO MLS Module* POLARS Module** TEF/TDS Module
Scale model measurements
Using adequate high-frequency measurement setup, EASERA allows to remove air absorption and change sample rates according to ISO 9613

Custom measurement signals
Convert almost any signal to an EASERA stimulus, e.g. WAV files

Automated post processing with editing sequences
Apply a number of editing operations automatically

Advanced editing functions including math operations
Remove DC, Set To Value, Add Value, Subtract Value, Multiply By Value, Divide By Value, Scale To, Square, Square Root, Inverse, Power, Custom Smoothing, Expand/Shrink, Change Length, Divide, Subtract...

Tolerance mode to detect sound events and save them to a file automatically

Harmonic spectra (K2, K3, ...)

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

MLS excitation signals and MLS measurements

Hadamard transformation


Directivity measurements
Using adequate measurement setup

Automated measurements for sequencial or balloon measurements

Control measuring robots and turntables
Currently compatible with Four Audio ELF robot, LinearX LT360, Outline ET2 and Outline ET250-3D turntables

TDS measurements - Time Domain Spectrometry

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* The MLS module is included wih EASERA Pro.         ** The POLARS module can be combined with EASERA Pro.