EASERA - What is that?

EASERA stands for Electronic and Acoustic System Evaluation and Response Analysis. Basically it is a PC/Windows based software for acoustic and electronic measurements utilizing any built-in or external soundcard.

EASERA has been developed by SDA over 4 years to become a valuable tool in the daily work of acoustic consultants, contractors and manufacturers. Being tested during the intensive Beta period at ADA and many other well-known companies, the software was refined to an easy-to-use and powerful measuring platform.

Based on the background of EASE and realizing all of the common room-acoustic parameters the primary focus of EASERA is the room-acoustic and electro-acoustic evaluation of halls and venues. Nevertheless a signal generator and a real-time analyser allow for a fast on-site analysis as well.

EASERA allows for importing and exporting in various file formats, such as WAV, MLSSA, EASE or TEF. Additional features, like the advanced overlay and cursor functions, the 3D OpenGL-based waterfall and the new fast distortion analysis method make it an outstanding tools compared to similar software packages.

EASERA is available worldwide through Renkus-Heinz (www.renkus-heinz.com) and in Germany through AudioOne/Prokom (www.audioone.de).

Last update on 14/02/10 by AFMG.

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