Electronic and Acoustic System Evaluation and Response Analysis

EASERA is the unrivaled solution for electronic and acoustic analysis with industry standard quality and incredible flexibility and power. 

EASERA consists of four logical parts:

  • Signal generator
  • Measurement
  • Real time analyser
  • Post processing

EASERA provides both data acquisition with a variety of stimulus signals including Time Delay Spectrometry, sweeps MLS or noise excitation signals and a post processing engine to calculate all acoustic functions or measures according to ISO Standard 3382 and higher.

The real time analyser provides multiple ways to perform a fast onsite analysis or to obtain a precise view of the surrounding acoustic environment.

Although many of these tools are available in one form or another in several products, EASERA is the first to bring them all together in one unified measuring package.

EASERA can be run on Microsoft Windows XP or higher and in conjunction with nearly every modern measurement interface.



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