Purchase Information

We distribute our software worldwide directly through our Online Store. Please use the shopping cart icons below to be taken to the store. Purchases can be performed by credit card payment (VISA, MasterCard and AmEx accepted) as well as by international wire transfer.

We also have distributors in a growing number of countries. If you want to purchase locally or are looking for support in your language, please send us an email and we will connect you.

University licenses are available through our non-profit organization AFMG Foundation gGmbH.


Product Version 1 User Key approx. US
EASERA Pro 1.2 1'750.00 €  net
$1'930.00 net
Details tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png
1.2 750.00 €  net
$830.00 net Details tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png
  650.00 €  net
$720.00 net Details tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png
  650.00 €  net
$720.00 net Details tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png
POLARS-Module   950.00 €  net
$1'050.00 net Details tl_files/afmg/base/img/icons/cart16.png
Upgrade EASERA --> EASERA Pro
1.2 1100.00 €  net
$1'210.00 net
Service Charge

50.00 €  net
$55.00 net

Additional Information:

  • Prices do not include VAT. Depending on the origin of the customer and the type of product, VAT might be charged in addition to the net price.
  • Valid prices at any time are the ones listed in this document. Other, possibly older printouts, prices cached in search engines, outdated proposals etc. are not applicable.
  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • At any time, the price provided in Euro (€) is valid. Prices provided in other currencies are approximate and provided for rough orientation only.
  • In principle, only one discount can be applied to any purchase.
  • If authorities in the land of the customer's origin or the customer himself demand original documents in paper form, the customer accepts additional courier costs of 60 EUR within the EU or of 120 EUR per shipment outside of the EU. These costs need to be paid by the customer prior to shipment and will be noted as a separate line item on the final invoice. If the customer decides to employ his own forwarder, only the costs for the original document (30 EUR) apply.
  • If you purchase an upgrade or module for only a subset of User Keys, we will split your license. Your existing license will remain with a reduced number of User Keys. You will receive an additional new license with the new feature scope for the respective number of User Keys.
  • Certain license-related services, updating of company data in licensed programs, transfer of licenses etc. may be possible at a service charge of 50 € net.
  • Delivery principally is by download from our website. After settlement of payment and credit entry, you will receive an email with your license information.
  • Manuals and/or tutorials are included in the online help and documentation of the programs.
  • All of our licenses include 6 months of free email and telephone support. You pay only for communication expenses with your provider(s).
  • Most of our software, manuals and tutorials are provided in english language only.
  • Installation CDs/DVDs and manuals/tutorials can be ordered separately and at extra cost if desired. Delivery may be by an external service partner of AFMG.
  • Educational institutions such as schools or universities please refer to the AFMG Foundation for license information.