Upgrade History

The following list shows all available program updates along with a feature overview. To manage and access the AFMG Software you have purchased, please visit our download portal. Find more information here.

Version 1.2.16

  • Bug fix for 1/3rd octave results display.
  • Bug fix for entering propagation factor when processing in-situ measurements.
  • TEF/TDS Module now supported for all ASIO drivers with low latency.

Version 1.2.13

  • Compatibility improvements for how the ASIO driver of Focusrite devices is used.

Version 1.2.12

  • Fixed error in STI signal masking calculation
  • EASERA now supports multiple network cards/adapters for use with Outline turntables

Version 1.2.10

  • ASIO 24-bit drivers now supported
  • Open file window: Additional settings in Options window
  • Bugfixes for Outline and LinearX turntables
  • Various minor bugfixes

Version 1.2.8              Major Update

  • Compliance with Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8 security guidelines
  • New EaseraGuard 1.2 for license management - users must upload their old license,
    install EASERAGuard 1.2 and download a new license => see upgrade document for more details
  • Direct automation control for (Polars module only):
    • Outline, ET2 and ET250-3D turntables
    • Four Audio, ELF robot
    • LinearX, LT 360 turntable
  • Scale model measurements (Pro version only):
    • Remove Air Absorption
    • Set Sample Rate
  • AUBION X.8 measurement device certified for TEF/TDS module
  • Improved Status Report, which is now saved to Personal folder
  • Tutorial files are automatically installed
  • Help menu revised (under “Start” tab)
  • Licensing changed to single user key licenses

Version 1.1.3

  • Updated help files and manual
  • Several small bugfixes

Version 1.1.2               Major Update

Version 1.1 has been revised and extended. Some of the new major functions are:
  • Configuring the measurement setup is now much easier
  • The calibration area was completely redesigned
  • Loaded files can now be easily removed from memory or commonly saved to a folder
  • The generation of custom signals was revised
  • Acquisition and management of measurement data in the Live section was much extended
  • Further improvements in the Live area include the compensation for the FFT window loss and the possibility to utilize overlapping FFT blocks for better analysis
  • Time and frequency domain data can now be exported and imported as text files (EASERA .ETX format)
  • Properties window (F4) in View & Calc was revised
  • Use of signal masking and noise levels for STI calculations was simplified
  • Noise compensation was refined and now allows for RT calculations even under difficult circumstances
  • Overlays can be more easily created and kept
  • The new command "Change Legend" allows the direct manipulation of all colors and labels of a diagram
  • Editing functions have been simplified and extended
  • The TEF/TDS module makes now Time Delay Spectrometry measurements and post-processing available for all owners of a TDS licence
  • Options window and Open File dialog have been updated
  • Summing and averaging several measurement files is now available for all users (before only EASERA Pro)
  • Various calculation routines have been improved with respect to speed and accuracy
  • Many bugfixes have been implemented, particularly regarding the control of sound cards, the calibration and graphical displays

Version 1.0.60

Several small bugs fixed:
  • Bugs when using ASIO driver with EASERA Gateway.
  • Improvement of EASERA startup on PCs, where at the very first start the EASERAGuard was displayed instead.

Version 1.0.50

Various problems have been solved and several extensions have been added to the software, for example:
  • Calibration routine improved, sensitivity bug resolved.
  • Functions for windowing and filtering adapted.
  • DirectSound error on computers with 3GHz processor fixed.
  • Control of Windows Sound Schemes improved.  

Version 1.0.30

Includes full help and manual. Several bugfixes and minor new features added. Noise and RT calculation improved.

Version 1.0.10

Includes a number of bugfixes as well as some additional functions.

Version 1.0.7

Initial worldwide release of EASERA.

Pre-Release 1.0.3

Pre-Release of EASERA for selected customers.

Release Candidate A 1.0.0

Pre-Release of EASERA for AES show.